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The Pupil Premium is an allocation of additional funding given to schools to support vulnerable groups to narrow the gap in underachievement. These groups include pupils who are entitled to free school meals, children who are looked after by the authority and children of armed service personnel.

The school has receives this money annually and reviews pupil attainment to look at how best to spend the money and provide the most suitable strategies to support our children.

In 2011-12 after reviewing our data and looking at the needs of our families it was decided that emotional and social well- being of our children is an area that can often impact on attainment. Our Pupil Premium money was spent on setting up The Haven nurture classroom, and training staff in Nurture and emotional attachment.

The impact was that children who were FSM attained in general better than the National Average. However, the school continues to strive to improve outcomes for our vulnerable groups of children.

In 2013- 14 made informed choices of what strategies would be best placed to ensure we continue to narrow the gap for individuals.

This year we spent our £36,400 on:-

The Haven nurture room with 2 sessions run 4 days per week.

Precision teaching led by TAs supported by an Early Intervention teacher.

In 2014-15 we spent our £42,360 on:-

Additional 1:1 reading support provided by a TA

Additional Maths groups and participating in Narrowing The Gap Project with The National College.

We are continuing with Nurture Group support and are sending another staff member on 3 day Nurture training.

Additional writing, reading and phonics sessions for small target groups.

 In 2015-16 we are spending our money on:-

Looking at ways to close the gap in Year 1 phonics results through intervention and purchasing more phonics based reading books to supplement our current scheme.

Additional reading support with TA's 1:1

The Haven Nurture group sessions to run morning and afternoons.

Any additional resources needed to identify gaps within learning following on from pupil progress meetings.

2016-17 we are spending our money on:-

Please click the link below:-

2016-17 Pupil Premium Info 

We measure the impact of Pupil Premium Grant spending by tracking individual children’s progress both academically and their emotional progress using a variety of data including:

Lesson observations

Work in books

Pupil progress interviews

Attendance Data

Boxall Profile data

Individual data tracking

Classroom interventions are reviewed each half term by the class teacher. The Haven provision is reviewed each term by Claire Blewett Assistant Head

Attendance and overall progress is monitored each term by Debbie Bateman Head Teacher.