Studley Community Infants' School

PE Grant

Studley Community Infants’ School PE and Sports Premium expenditure 2013/14

The Government is providing funding of £150 million per annum for the academic years 2013/14 and 2014/15 to improve the provision of PE and sport in Primary Schools. The money can only be spent on sport and PE provision and is allocated on the number of children between 5 and 11 the school has as recorded in the January 2013 school census.

Main objectives for 2013/14

To raise the standard of gross motor skills within the Foundation Stage so that that more children achieved the expected level within the PE strand of the EYFS Profile.

To raise the confidence of staff in delivering PE sessions including multi skills, gymnastics and tennis.

To provide PE activities during lunchtimes.

To look at using Yoga to enhance the relaxation, concentration and self-esteem of a targeted groups of children in Reception and Year 1.


Additional support was given on a daily basis for 2 terms to those children who had a low score on their PE strand. They were given daily gross and fine motor activities to develop their skills. This was provided by additional Teaching Assistant time within class.

The Cluster provided a training day in January where staff were able to select to go to a practical session led by PE coaches on multi skills, tennis or gymnastics.

A weekly session throughout the year delivering multi skills by a PE coach was timetabled on a rotational basis for Reception, Year 1 and 2.

New equipment for lunchtimes was purchased and a PE coach led multi skills activities one lunchtime per week to encourage children to join in with games during lunchtimes.

Relax Kids weekly yoga sessions took place for children in Reception and Year 1.


Children achieving within the PE strand of the EYFS was increased to 74%

Teachers are now more confident at delivering multi skills to the children.


Main objectives for 2014/15

The focus following on from staff consultation was to look at improving the quality of teaching dance across the school.

To improve gross motor skills for all Foundation Stage children.

To provide a wide range of quality physical activities for children to join in with during lunchtimes.



Pay for new large bikes and scooters for Foundation Stage.

Provide a dance teacher to work alongside staff on a rolling programme to improve teachers

To pay for additional staff to play games with the children during lunchtimes and encourage physical activities.

To resource the lunchtime shed with a wide range of quality PE equipment that children can use at lunchtimes.



These will be reviewed by pupil progress and enjoyment, staff feedback of sessions and reflection on  skill sets they have developed.

Feedback from Lunchtime Supervisors and children, with an increase in children joining in games.

Foundation children’s progress in their  gross motor skills.


Main objectives for 2015/16

The money will be spent on providing children with the opportunity to be able to experience a range of new sports and to provide a wider range of activities for children to join in with after school.