Studley Community Infants' School

Digital Safety: Guidance for Parents

Technology plays an enormous part in twenty-first century life. Children are accessing it for a variety of purposes, including gaming, interacting and for educational use, to name but a few! It is extremely important for children to gain experience with technology in a positive way and to be educated about how to use it to its full potential, in a safe way. This is e-safety. The purpose of this page is to give guidance and advice about how to keep your child safe on and offline. 

 Please click here to read our E-Safety Policy.

We teach our children to use Internet safely. We promote the 'SAFE Rules for Internet Use' in school.


We also have an Acceptable Use Family Agreement that you will have received via Parentmail, which supports our promotion of Safe Internet Use.



Information for Families

The results of the E-safety Survey that you recently completed have led to this half term’s focus being: 

'Safer Searching'

There are several popular search engines that have quickly become the 'go-to' place for many people to discover a variety of information - the internet is now considered a vast library of information. The known issue with these sites, however, is that they are not always able to filter out inappropriate content. This can impact the safety of our children when they access these sites. It is difficult to strike a balance between allowing our children to grow in independence with technology to find out information for themselves, and keeping our children safe online.

Below are links to search engines designed for safe searching, with some aimed specifically at children, as well as links to sites with further information and top tips.


General Information:


Digiduck's Big Decision is a book aimed at young children, teaching them about E-Safety. Your child will read this in school at some point over the year. We have attached a PDF copy for you to access at home (courtesy of, and there is also a Digiduck app available on Appstore and Playstore.  


If any parents have been affected by any of the issues involved in E-Safety, please feel free to contact the school. We also welcome feedback on areas of E-Safety you would like more support with.